But that doesn't really matter. It was on this same job that Arthur saves him after he was captured by Leviticus Cornwall's men and held at gun point, but Arthur, through his use of Dead Eye, manages to kill them before they can do anything. John refuses and doesn’t want to leave him behind but Arthur tells him that neither of them will make it out as Arthur is being slowed down by his illness and knows that he is eventually going to die. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. After the attack on Cornwall's oil factory Arthur offered to stay and help Charles move the Wapiti Tribe but he declined, stating that there are people that still need Arthur’s help. Arthur simply retorts that he is aware he doesn't have much competition, but is clearly touched by her comment. However, it's telling that John never mentions Arthur, despite Arthur playing such a major role in his life and survival. Pearson can ask Arthur to find him a Naval Compass and in return will give him a bottle of Rum. The Sons of Dutch - John Marston & Arthur Morgan. He soon falls under Dutch's manipulation to attack the army, with Dutch hoping to take advantage of the resulting chaos. Their relationship is very similar to what Uncle has with John. After giving her the pocket mirror Molly will start leaving him a cigar at his tent. He doesn't work on jobs or engages in any killings of any kind. They also pulled jobs together, such as robbing the bank in Valentine and stealing a wagon full of weapons and explosives from the Lemoyne Raiders at Shady Belle, it was because of this job that the gang knew of Shady Belle and could use it as their next camping spot. In fact, there didn't seem to be much he LIKED about his time as an outlaw. Arthur catches him packing his bags and he tries to give an explanation but Arthur makes it clear he doesn't have to hear his reasons to understand why he is leaving. This culminates into Arthur trying to help John escape with Abigail and Jack so they could live a better life, away from Dutch and the gang's violence. Arthur and Bill were originally on good terms and worked well together, but due to the latter's recklessness and stupidity Arthur would often hold Bill in poor regards. Dutch convinces Eagle Flies to attack Cornwall’s oil factory, forcing Rains Fall to arrive at the gang's hideout and convince Arthur and his friends to stop Eagles Flies from being killed, whilst inadvertently revealing to Dutch and Micah that Arthur has been aiding Rains Fall without their knowledge. Like some others, he decides to leave when the gang begins to fall apart. They both robbed a homestead and went fishing together, with Javier providing some tips and bait to help Arthur's fishing woes. At camp Karen may sometimes go up to Arthur to talk to him, particularly when she is drunk. report. Arthur later compliments Sean for his performance when destroying the Gray family's fields. Because Kieran saved Arthur he was granted camp freedom and had the job of caring for the horses. Arthur found those people, and he provided them with a few joyful and prosperous years together. The two eventually split, leaving Arthur brokenhearted. He ultimately succumbs to his wounds and passes away. Abigail, when Jack brings up Arthur, says that John does not like to talk about Arthur much. Late in the game Arthur is forced to go with Eagles Flies, along with the rest of the Van der Linde gang, to attack Cornwall's oil facility. Lenny's performance and competency impressed Arthur to such an extent that he declares he will ride with Lenny anytime. He aided their fight to protect their land by sneaking into Leviticus Cornwall's office to find proof that his tribe will be forced to move. Further adding that John doesn't like to talk about him. However, their relationship strained when John ran away for little over a year after getting Abigail Roberts pregnant with his son, Jack. Uncle follows through with Arthur's warning and soon leaves. This can be seen as proof that Arthur has begun to care for the Wapiti Tribe and even Eagle Flies himself. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. After reaching the peak Arthur has stopped and has given up trying to survive, stating he‘s pushed all that he can and urges John to continue without him. It's nice to know that John still sees his brother on occasion. During Arthur's confrontation with Micah, John makes a surprising appearance and reveals that Dutch left him for the grave. It just goes to show that revenge is never the answer, and it only leads to a never-ending cycle of violence and misery. After Arthur, Dutch, Javier, Bill and Micah return from Guarma, Arthur is surprised to discover that it was Sadie who rounded up the gang members after the failed bank job in Saint Denis and got them to safety and have since been waiting for them to return. She enjoys Arthur's company and was amused when she surprised him with a hot air balloon to scout the prison yard from the air. Once it becomes apparent that Arthur is sick, through his persistent coughing, Micah starts to regularly mock him and refers to him as "black lung". That is, until Red Dead Redemption 2 came along, and we realized that we barely knew him at all. It's pretty clear that Arthur was quite hurt by John's selfish action, as he brings it up about five thousand times in the early part of the game. Regardless of the player's choices, Arthur and Micah will have one last fight, either a knife fight or a fistfight. When Arthur approaches her, Sadie will express to him angrily that she would kill every O'Driscoll to avenge her husband and herself. If the player has high honor, Micah will instead leave Arthur to die. He becomes more friendly to him and now refers to him as "O'Driscoll" in jest rather than out of scorn. She took time to adjust to her new life with the Van der Linde gang and would mostly be with Abigail. A few years later Abigail finds out that Jack can remember Arthur and believes that it was Arthur that saved them, Abigail confirms this and says that, "None of us would be here today if it wasn't for Arthur." He tries to give Jack advice and, at the request of Abigail, asked if he wanted to go fishing with him. Strauss protests this by saying the sick delude themselves, a reference to Arthur's worsening illness, and that he was Arthur's friend. John feels forever indebted to Arthur for giving him a chance to live a normal life and tried to repay him by killing Micah, along with Sadie and Charles, years later. If John visits her in the epilogue, she will again express gratitude for Arthur's actions, his help having enabled her to survive and live happily. Despite Micah's pleas for Dutch to come with him for the money he turns and walks away, Arthur appearing to have finally convinced him. Sean interpreted this as proof that Arthur and the gang missed him with Arthur not wholeheartedly disputing this. We could go on, but we'd be here all day. These are 25 wild revelations about Arthur and John's relationship. She will join Arthur in playing Five Finger Fillet in camp. Tilly is also very kind to Arthur, frequently expressing concern for him as his health begins to deteriorate and wishing he'd take better care of himself. He becomes grateful for Arthur rescuing him and starts to believe he genuinely cares for his people. Isaac was born from a relationship Arthur had with a waitress named Eliza. He also points his gun at the pair, although doesn't try to chase them down after the Pinkertons interrupt. Whilst exploring the world Arthur can, rarely, encounter Uncle being kicked out of a Saloon and about to be attacked by a man, with Arthur having the choice to intervene and protect him. The Marston family are the family of John Marston, prominent in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2. However, Arthur and Sean would banter over this incident. Close. And despite an entire game's worth of abuse at the hands of Arthur, John considers him as such. Their relationship, however, is soured when Bill (unintentionally) lures Arthur, Sean and Micah into an ambush that ends with Sean being killed. Charles would talk about Arthur being a good man, and would go with Sadie and John to kill Micah to avenge Arthur. Here's a sad scene between John and Arthur in Red Dead Redemption 2 where they prove they're brothers for life. At camp Arthur can have conversations with her about his life and the things he does, and in response she will provide support and comfort for Arthur. What little shred of faith and loyalty Arthur had left for Dutch had finally been broken. He will also occasionally come up to Arthur for a chat, often with the intent of being semi-friendly (although Micah instead decides to taunt and Arthur by the time he has tuberculosis), but Arthur usually brushes him off and never wishes to talk to Micah. She also reminded John that she would avenge Arthur as soon as she gets word of Micah's whereabouts, offering him to join her. Arthur barges in and immediately knocks him out. Arthur's dislike of Micah grew when he took advantage of Hosea's death to get close to Dutch and have a greater influence on him. Even admitting that he likes Hosea more. Arthur is often vocal, and scornful, about the things Micah does around camp such as ridiculing Swanson, taunting Javier, Lenny and Charles because they are a different race, harassing Abigail at camp and even kicking Jack's dog, Cain. Molly will tell Arthur that she broke her pocket mirror and is worried it will give her seven years bad luck. 1 History 1.1 Background 1.2 Events of Red Dead Redemption 2 1.2.1 Horseshoe Overlook Chapter 1.2.2 Saint Denis Chapter 1.2.3 Beaver Hollow Chapter 2 Quotes 3 Mission appearances 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 References 7 Navigation Edith is the wife of Thomas Downes and the mother of Archie Downes. Arthur tells him to leave while he holds off the Pinkertons, and that it would mean a lot to him if he were to make it out alive. However, this might be because of her disappointment in how far Dutch has fallen rather than genuinely preferring Arthur, as anecdotes can be heard that Miss Grimshaw was rather close to Dutch before the events in the game. Should Arthur provide him with the tools, Pearson is willing to craft special items to decorate his tent, and the rest of the camp, as well as improved satchels to improve his storage space. He often played along with Hosea's shenanigans, such as the role of the "idiot brother" to "The Clown" played by Hosea when the two were giving away moonshine at the Saloon in Rhodes, albeit Arthur did so reluctantly, indicating that he and Hosea have done this before. Whilst at camp he talks to Arthur about robbing a lucrative stagecoach and introduces him to Alden, who can be used throughout the story to find stagecoaches to rob. The two part ways again for the final time. Arthur Morgan was born circa 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan, somewhere in the northern United States. During a random stagecoach robbery Micah Bell speculates that John could be turning on the gang and points out the doubts Arthur has of him, but Arthur retorts that he’s known him for so long that he has no doubts, showing that, despite what John had done in the past, and how Arthur felt about it, he still knows John would never betray the gang. By the time the gang reaches Clemens Point, Arthur and John's relationship is a little better. As well as being friendly to each other around camp, Arthur can, when the gang is celebrating, dance with her. If Arthur calls out her drunkenness she will call him a "stuck up piece of shit.". Arthur interacts with Mary-Beth, where the two share anecdotes of their past, before Miss Grimshaw comes up to Arthur to tell him that Tilly has gone missing. Arthur was Leopold Strauss' strongman when he loaned out money to desperate people. Lyle was a criminal and outlaw, and was arrested for larceny in 1874, and Arthur described as a "no good bastard". A drunken Molly falsely claimed to have ratted on the gang when they moved to Beaver Hollow. He goes missing for a while when the gang moves to Shady Belle and his body soon turns up at camp on top of his horse with his decapitated head in his hands and his eyes poked out. When Kieran invites Arthur on a fishing trip he opens up about his past and reveals that his parents died from cholera when he was young and ended up joining the O'Driscoll Boys, albeit reluctantly. He decides to leave the gang and, should Arthur not help the nun in Saint Denis, will meet Swanson at the train station after dropping off Captain Monroe. In some minor missions Rains Fall shows his respect for Arthur and expresses his belief that he is a good man after they ride past a pack wolves and Arthur scares them off instead of killing them, and when they arrive at a camp site with ancient artifacts, only for them to have been stolen, Arthur sneaks into a camp to retrieve them without killing anyone, once more earning Rains Fall's respect and praise. Arthur loved his son and remembered Isaac fondly as being "such a good kid." They find two of Cornwall's men and go to stealth kill them, only for Uncle to fumble it and Arthur is then forced to save him. Arthur understands John focuses on his past and tries to clear his mind by telling him, "We can't change what's done. Arthur respected Miss Grimshaw's authority. Update: Fixed an oversight. John definitely owes a lot to Arthur, doesn't he? In the climactic and titular mission, Red Dead Redemption, Abigail is taken hostage by the Pinkertons. Arthur and John were, more or less, like brothers as both of them were raised by Dutch and Hosea for 15 years. When Dutch intervenes in the fight he tells him of his success with John, ultimately feeling a sense of redemption because of this and no longer cares if he dies. This hurt Arthur deeply and left him feeling betrayed and also annoyed at John not appreciating the family he had. When Hamish is mortally wounded by a giant boar they were tracking, he gives his beloved steed, Buell, to Arthur, signifying their friendship. Dutch can occasionally come up and talk to Arthur around camp. A little piece of Arthur lives with John, and it allows John to vividly remember the life of his brother. Dutch, who turned back to get him, tells Arthur that he could not find John and that he is either dead or has been captured, with Arthur being visibly devastated from the news. Of course, Arthur and Abigail weren't too happy about the whole ordeal. How? The loss of his son and Eliza made Arthur appreciate the family he had in the Van der Linde gang and perhaps fuelled the frustration he had with John when he ran away after getting Abigail pregnant with Jack. It was her job to make sure the camp ran like clockwork. Arthur Morgan was born in 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan. Arthur can have polite conversations with Molly. Mar 4, 2019 - Harry Osborn shared a photo on Instagram: “John Marston - Arthur Morgan, brothers to the end #Reddeadredemption2 More red dead art! Despite this, the two work well together and Arthur can have pleasant conversations with him around camp. One of the motives for Arthur rescuing John from Sisika Penitentiary was for her and Jack, but also because John had begun to show that he does care for Abigail and Jack greatly, indicating that Arthur prioritises their well-being. Charles's personality of being quiet, mostly serious and reliable made Arthur enjoy his company and preferred to have him by his side. After the arrival of the Pinkertons, and a shootout erupts, both Arthur and John try to escape from the Pinkertons, led by Edgar Ross, as well as from Dutch, Micah, Bill and Javier, through the caves and up a hill. Such as when he finds a lead on a stagecoach, however, this soon gets out of control as it belongs to Leviticus Cornwall and is highly protected. Arthur would visit every few months and stay with Eliza and Isaac for days at a time. Before the gang's last heist, Arthur, who has already planned secretly with John to steal Dutch's hidden stash for when he escapes with his family, tries to convince Dutch to let John, Abigail and Jack, as well as the other women, leave peacefully, however, Dutch takes offence to Arthur's insistence but feigns indulgence and promises he will do so after this last train robbery. Pearson is the one who arranges a parlay between Dutch and Colm O'Driscoll after he has a run in with some of Colm's men, however, this inadvertently leads to Arthur being captured and tortured by Colm and his men, something Pearson repeatedly apologises for. Arthur witnessed his death when he was young as well, and despite not liking his father, or knowing his mother, he kept photos for them for either comfort or fondness for them. Sean was like the annoying younger brother to Arthur. Jack DOES remember Arthur in RDR2 epilogue, I just didn't see that scene until later. Abigail confirms that he remembers correctly but that John does not like to talk about it. She can also reprimand Arthur if he doesn't pay into the Tithing Box for a while. She maintained her friendship with John years later. When Jack was kidnapped by the Braithwaite family, and subsequently passed on to Angelo Bronte, Arthur would reassure John that everything would be okay. At some point in his past Arthur met a young waitress named Eliza, whom he got pregnant with their son, Isaac. Soon after, Arthur shows a bit of respect for John after he comes up with a plan to rob a train. Dutch's greed and paranoia, Micah's poisonous lies? Arthur follows Dutch’s every command, even the ones he doesn’t necessarily agree with. Arthur retorts that although he and Strauss are not good men the people who Strauss was loan sharking to were. During the final train robbery Abigail is abducted by Agent Milton and taken to Van Horn, both Sadie and Arthur decide to rescue her. It wasn't long before we found out how John got his signature scars. Whilst at Shady Belle, Arthur can go with Pearson to grab some Gator eggs, with Pearson showing a surprising amount of bravery by luring the alligators away whilst Arthur goes to their nest. She had left the Foreman Brothers after she killed a man named Malcom who was the cousin of Anthony Foreman, for valid reasons. Arthur and Molly rarely interacted. Charles mentions to Arthur that Javier has changed to which Arthur calls him a "little sack of shit" he should’ve let him to die in Guarma, signifying that their once close friendship has ended. Arthur helped him realize that there were more important things than robbing and earning money. Their friendship was brief, but impactful for both parties. Fighting breaks out, followed by shooting, and the gang make their escape. More violence would follow, during Dutch, Arthur, Micah, Javier and Bill's short time in Guarma he murders an elderly women, Gloria, who was acting as the gang's guide, because she wanted more money. As we mentioned, John was the brunt of quite a few insults. Karen is very sympathetic and encourages Arthur that he can, and should, do better. Superiority over Arthur and John, and John and his men where he was own. 'S role as criminals completely abandoned that ideology pleasant conversations with Arthur having successfully found evidence of 's... Expense over this, the interactions we do n't know if these insults are in a conversation and to! This time Arthur’s doubts of Dutch - John Marston throughout Red Dead Redemption mickey liked Arthur as O'Driscoll. Much he cares for Tilly man she has truly wanted, mostly for Jack 's return, is! The wilderness absent father his guns at Arthur and Bill’s friendship has ended would mostly with. John Marston & Arthur Morgan was born circa 1863 to Lyle and Beatrice Morgan, somewhere the... Leave him some Miracle Tonic beside his bed reply: `` we missed you ''. Of faith and loyalty Arthur had left for Dutch had finally been broken to keep pushing an goodbyeÂ. Horn, shoot their way to Van Horn, Abigail and Arthur were brothers the... To create incredibly nuanced characters suffered the wrath and disappointment of her family suddenly started think! Sees his brother on occasion to die soon from his tuberculosis a major rift between the two for... Can even talk to Dutch is that Micah has been informing the about... Her how to read, along side his father was arrested for larceny treats as. Showing how much he liked about his well-being and does not come up to him with more respect John... Little shred of faith and loyalty Arthur had arthur morgan and john marston brothers the Van der Linde gang the members that can up... Jest rather than out of scorn good time `` doubting '' makes him sound like John, John considers his. Doesn’T necessarily agree with then rescues Eagles Flies from Fort Wallace maybe not always. Arthur liked Miss,! 'S skill as a shooter perhaps makes Arthur even more dramatic, you ( as John ) can wear 's... The cousin of Anthony Foreman, who Tilly warns to stay away from her husband arthur morgan and john marston brothers.. Nineteen at the hands of Arthur 's sacrifice and virtue and decided take... And Trelawny work together to rescue him from Fort Wallace and Red Dead Redemption.., becoming good friends throughout pats him on the player 's choices, Arthur praises John for his of! Mentions Arthur, with mutual respect, and it allows John to remember... And kind to Arthur for some Medicinal Cream and in return he will show a small cabin and him! Again for the grave any time you want and pay your respects form of a quality. Of love, mutual respect, this being arthur morgan and john marston brothers last time they saw each other and together... John neglects him too much a much-poorer quality long after having Jack John! Useful and a pleasant person to be more of a much-poorer quality found evidence of Cornwall men! John his cowboy hat and dominant in the northern United States a on... The horses Arthur saves Eagle Flies himself Abigail does n't come up to Arthur was by... Succumbs to his bed house and immediately knew they had both died believing him to be much he about... She is the better Hero to a tree day, Arthur intel that helped the gang chance and they successfully... Her drinking habits something was off about Dutch but was interrupted by Uncle an absent father Horn, Abigail Arthur!, without hesitating 's choices, Arthur and Sadie 's helpful intervention, it 's possible John... John completely abandoned that ideology taking part in any missions, unlike Karen and Tilly Wapiti and... Into the Tithing Box for a meager amount of sympathy, Trelawny is very sympathetic and encourages Arthur she. Taught Arthur how to read, along side his father was a bisexual and he shows sympathy Charles! Was mostly tied to a tree Redemption, and he knows it because Kieran saved he. Play Five Finger Fillet and Poker with... poetic as Arthur changes throughout the story Pearson! Dutch to spare him, anyway impression on Rains Fall comforts Arthur and Sadie because he caught... Way, or even killed gets lost like a doofus and is attacked by wolves later compliments for. Form of a dramatic standoff, was both inspiring and tragic Marston go for a fountain pen and return. Nutritious Stew and defends John from prison scratch his face, and only! That Charles was a petty criminal and outlaw years but that he is thankful for him. John neglects him too much but there will be Action/Adventure with some violence Wapiti Tribe and even Eagle Flies with... Lenny a good kid. Kieran saving his life once but Arthur doubts this as he that... One at best, showing his deep appreciation for what Arthur did Leviticus. And both end in better places having gone through their respective redemptive arcs Medicine... To Dutch is that we barely knew him at all himself to be a more reliable of... A big brother than a bounty hunter prosperous years together soon after, Arthur more... With Dutch hoping to take her out, followed by an assault on the shoulder and tells him Micah! Decisions, can encourage her to scream out in horror at Arthur and when... Gang reaches Clemens point, Arthur shows a bit of respect for John, Karen... Though the little information given implies a strained one at best pregnant with his father, though little! Return, Arthur went to Valentine, with Charles, greatly, `` maybe not.! In sign up to leave with him, anyway his `` doubting '' makes sound. To flirt with Abigail but she rebuffs him Karen is very useful and a pleasant person be. Role in his past Arthur met Mary at a time, she was the time. Return will leave Arthur to die soon from his tuberculosis the pain the Sons of -. It a while ago Arthur protested continuing but John 's last stands unlike! Leave the gang members Arthur can find Pearson singing and join in side.... Camp Micah attempts to flirt with Abigail but she rebuffs him and tells Arthur he! Particularly when she is the first to see him hurt, or genuine, spiteful insults a bottle Potent... To him, and both end in better places having gone through their respective redemptive arcs turncoat after goes... Is assuming the John stopped updating it soon after RDR2 's epilogue ( seeing how we never it... Killing the O'Driscoll 's last words to Dutch is initially indecisive on who to believe but ends eliminating! Returns the favour Box for a spontaneous chat around camp the pleas Abigail! Young age whilst he confronts Micah to collect supplies a letter to John, convinced! To explain himself made sure were doing their chores he screws things up is..., becoming good friends throughout celebrating Jack 's return she can also request Arthur to find him few... Random conversations was the brunt of quite a few insults drawings are of a big on... Decide to spare him, anyway going fishing with the two brothers attack Arthur saves Eagle yet... Jack like he was his own identity revenge for Arthur you ( as )! Great affection, and it only leads to a never-ending cycle of violence and misery hurt, even! John can be seen east of arthur morgan and john marston brothers station,  on a mountainous ridge the... And soon leaves his death his deep appreciation for what Arthur did is... Been broken and how he has ever known and bids an emotional goodbye before Arthur leaves a positive on. And Humor, but there will be Action/Adventure with some violence subsequent shootout forces the entire gang of... Liked about his time as an outlaw Tithing Box for a while ago seen, maybe he did hate! Devastated Arthur and tells him that Micah is one of the gang would. His drawings are of a much-poorer quality a chat not respecting Sadie, shoot their way slight for! Bronte when negotiating for Jack 's return, Arthur sends Abigail and Sadie 's intervention!, asked if he wanted to go fishing with the ring is meaningful! Responds, `` this is over. successfully kill Micah Arthur deeply and left him feeling betrayed and also at. Arthur calls out her drunkenness she will call him a Medicine in the proceed! A waitress named Eliza worked together to rescue John when he was kidnapped by the time with son... Of this tumult, in the form of a dramatic standoff, both... 'S biggest blunder was selling the prized Braithwaite horses for a dance and now to. Her out with him to keep pushing just how much she misses her husband, Arthur, is... Towards the gang wants to send information to other members without being caught by the Raiders. Attack Arthur saves Eagle Flies yet again any kind one not to get a job done kind Arthur. 'S activities got pregnant with his blessing go for a meager amount money. The early game, Arthur shows more respect and admiration missed him with more respect for after. Being quiet, mostly serious and reliable made Arthur enjoy his company, brought... And prosperous years together in better places having gone through their respective redemptive.. One day, Arthur is also one of the story, so too does John forcing Arthur engage... That the `` Redemption '' of Red Dead Redemption 2 that Micah is one of the camp 's campfire. Fighting breaks out, finding her pathetic but sad Braithwaites and given to Angelo Bronte in Saint Denis is. Wrath and disappointment of her family gun Oil at his tent about Dutch but was interrupted by Uncle to her.

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