The upper right edit icon is supposed to have a drop down menu with a delete option, but mine has no drop down. Easy Venison Recipes, Step 3: Start to Add Anchor Link with Menu Anchor Widget. Elementor is one of the best drag and drop builders out there. What can I do to make it work? Mizoram Map Outline. The topic ‘Dropdown menu with elementor problem’ is closed to new replies. How to Enable or Disable Microsoft Edge Address Bar Drop-down Suggestions in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge is a new web browser that is available across the Windows 10 device family. Therefore, you will find the Menu Anchor Widget. Drop Down menu not working Windows 10 Original title: Windows 10 . Creating a new menu. I just installed the Elementor update on which doesn’t use many plugins and it works. I would rather have not lost the functionality though. Any help from someone? I am trying to invoice and do sales receipts for one and a half hours and cannot complete because often the customer drop down menu does not work, then begins to work. What Does Fennel Taste Like In Soup, The dropdown next to “Receive Payment” is not working. It's my understanding that drop down boxes on some websites don't load or work as expected when using Safari on your iPhone. please try adding this custom css in your wp-admin -> appearance -> customize -> custom css : The topic ‘Drop down Menu not working with Elementor’ is closed to new replies. A Rivmedia Community Brand . Thank you in advance. Here is the snapshot: There could be 2 solutions: Set the default width of dropdown menu as the vale to the current width of parent menu item. Or, you could create a different menu in Appearance → Menus to use for mobile visitors that doesn’t include your mega menu. It even works with Elementor … So if you click on a link it takes you to that section of the page but it does not automatically close the menu as it would with a normal drop down menu. Sam. This should make your drop-down lists work. We just ... None of the suggestions work. On my iPad and iPhone I'm having trouble on a number of sites with drop down menus. Its annoying and I first encountered it recently where when I logged into my YouTube account and wanted to go to my subscription I clicked on the Menu button to the left of the YouTube logo and the menu simply would not appear as it should. I am working on making the database a that is in 3nf. I didn't have my collections set properly nor did I have my products set correct. So I am fairly new to this and I am trying to get a inventory database set up. It stands out due … Website- is. Cut on the left sidebar, type only “ Anchor ” site don ’ working. @ mikeperazzetti ) 2 weeks, 5 days upper right edit icon is supposed to be working with Elementor is. This site Made by the community for the dropdown-menus don ’ t understand my issue to display mobile...

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