Full iTrackBites Review | WW vs iTrackBites. Weight Watchers new program for 2020, MyWW officially releases on November 11, 2019 in the United States. 1 pear, 1 WW string cheese and 7 almonds – 2 Blue, 2 Purple, 2 Green Points Thick sliced carrots dipped in 2 Tbsp. (This image comes from Weight Watchers Australia) What's myWW and what's new in Weight Watchers 2019/2020? On this program, you won’t have to track those Zero Point foods (unless you want, too). + Follow How will the new WW Program work better for you? Blue is basically the current Freestyle program with a few modifications. Don't miss our 60 Weight Watchers Recipes with new Blue, Green, and Purple Smartpoints included. The new program is called My WW and members have the chance to choose between the Green, Blue, and Purple plans as part of the new program.. Is Weight Watchers Changing Plans for 2020? There are now 3 Weight Watchers Zero Point Food Lists to choose from. Each plan allows you to build meals and snacks around Zero Point Foods. Get push notifications with news, features and more. You now have 3 options to choose from – Green, Blue and Purple. Your maximum SmartPont budget for this program will be 24 points. Again, the points vary depending on the plan you follow – it’s 24 points for Purple, 32 points for Blue, and 41 points for Green. guacamole – 2 Blue , 2 Purple , 2 Green Points (May vary by brand) 3 cups light microwave popcorn – 2 Blue , 2 Purple, 2 Green Points How to Do the WW Blue Plan on iTrackBites. Then on another recipe I have a Green 5 points Blue 3 points… so it just depends. Blue : 23/day, but 200 zero-points foods, including all the green ones, plus corn, lentils and beans, eggs, chicken breast and turkey breast, and 0% plain yogurts. Weight Watchers Blue . Current WW members will recognize this plan as WW Freestyle®. My WW – a New WW Plan for 2019 and 2020. Typically, members get 23 SmartPoints on the Blue Plan, 30 on the Green and 16 on the Purple. Purple, min 16 /day, and 300 zero points foods (all the blue ones, plus potatoes, brown rice, whole grains like oatmeal (I think) and whole grain pastas. ... For example, the purple plan I have a recipe that is one point but on Green and Blue will be 5. Green allows 100 Zero Point Foods; Blue allows 200 Zero Point Foods With the new WW, there will be three options for all members. Looking for recipes? WW will then suggest one of three plans — Blue, Green or Purple that will best fit their needs. The WW myWW program assigns food a set number of points based on calories, saturated fat, sugar & protein. Green guides people towards 100+ ZeroPoint foods, with the largest SmartPoints Budget to spend on other foods they love. The test is an extension of a three-color quiz released in 2016, which involves working out if the central color is blue or green. Blue is based on 200+ ZeroPoint foods to build meals around, with a smaller SmartPoints Budget. The Zero Points Food List still has 200+ free foods to choose from. (You can take it for yourself, here .) Reply. Looking for meal plans with Green, Blue, or Purple Points?

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