A typical Weimaraner puppy will grow to: 78 lb 4 oz. She’s also a blue Weimaraner. Traditionally, this is a docked breed but undocked dogs are also now commonly seen especially as pets. We were all broken hearted when she died, so we got another one 8 days later. Just fill in the details below! With their thick coat, German Shepherds are loved all around the world. This will let you know how closely related the parents of your puppy were. He made video segments of these large dogs that actually appeared on the kids show Sesame Street. These may be removed even if a puppy is not docked (since there is no legislation around dew-clawing, unlike docking). It is definitely possible to keep this breed in multi-dog households with dogs of the same sex (we do! But with puppies, you tend to get what you pay for. My 4 year old has separation anxiety whenever he is in the crate and leaves a lot of fur in the crate. Very hardy, with a good sense of smell, and a passionate worker, the Weimaraner can be used for all kinds of hunting. Sometimes called ‘velcro dog’, this breed will want to be close to you and – despite their size – on you, and the Weimaraner personality could be described as emotionally ‘needy’. I love them so much. Source(s): https://shrinks.im/ba2eb. Still young enough to have energy and definitely not geriatric. We just love him, flaws and all. Her mouth is always open not to bite but puts her mouth all over you. This affection and involvement is part of what owners love about them. 4 years ago. And/or you are a dog sport enthusiast (or prepared to become one!). Breed differences in canine aggression. However, if you are interested in hunting with your Weim, you will need to be careful where you get a puppy from. Fantastic family dog! We have the most inclusive puppy weight calculator on the web with over 450 dog breed calculation formulas! Weight: Male: 30–40 kg (66–88 lb) Female: 25–35 kg (55–77 lb) Life span: 11–14 years: Kennel club standards; VDH: standard: FCI: standard: Dog (domestic dog) The Weimaraner (/ ˈ w aɪ m ər ɑː n ər / VY-mə-rah-nər) is a large dog that was originally bred for hunting in the early 19th century. Click Here To Learn More About These Pet Food Startups, Click To See Our Recommended List Of High Fiber Dog Foods, Click To See The 8 Best Healthy Dog Foods. Does anybody think this will work? Hence, we have personally collated a list of dog food brands that we sincerely consider as healthy and would not hesitate to recommend dog owners to give them a go. The Veterinary Journal, Schalamon et al. American Bulldog Lab Mix – What Happens When Two Different Dogs Combine? Great article. I worked with her and she hunted pretty well after learning at age 6 what it meant. Puppyhood becomes a never-ending sequence of removing things from your puppy’s mouth. We got her … We bought 2 Weimaraner brothers from same litter there around 11 months old they have real fights over the smallest thing could be a ball / stone one seems to have the upper hand and the other lays on the floor and won’t move any advice. In the US, they are considered one of the ‘versatile’ breeds for performing all these functions. Be sure to check out our review of the Best Puppy Food to help your pooch grow up healthily. I struggle with the words that I hear from many people “The hunt has all been bread out of Weims” The hunt is in them but people don’t call on it much anymore!! They have high exercise needs, and are relatively healthy. The high fiber content will make your dogs feel content faster and thus eat less. A Weim will need to stay by your bed for a few nights. The short-haired Weimaraner is the most common type – with a coat similar to the German Shorthaired Pointer coat. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog. They are amazing dogs, especially if you put in the time and take care of their needs. No, being ‘slow’ is very unusual for a Weim. Love your Story, my Ghost dog is going to be 13 next month, I wake up every morning with my heart in my throat in fear that she won’t be there….she was hard to cope with at first when she was a puppy, didn’t understand the neediness, even medicated her for the separation anxiety….stopped giving it to her…all she needed was a puppy brother when we were gone. But she also eats everything in the yard she can get her teeth on. The Weimaraner boy price and girl price should be the same – a breeder should not charge more for females. About the weight gain of puppies. These, The Airedoodle is a beautiful and unique hybrid dog with two. You’ll find them listed on our puppy page. Weimaraners are a large breed of gundog, falling within the Hunt, Point, Retrieve subgroup (HPR) in the UK. They must also swim. If you don't know what his weight was at that age (most of us won't), again, use the chart above to find his current age and weight and work back. Adams VJ, et al. In the US you can expect to spend $600 to $1,000 on a Weimaraner. I am an avid upland hunter, I rescued a Weim years ago who was used in a puppy mill don’t know if she ever was introduced to birds in her life. They really only want to be with you all of the time. But she is bad lol. How Big Will My Puppy Be – Height, Weight Chart & Calculator. Let’s recap the pros and cons of this distinctive pup to see if he’ll suit your family. They get very attached to their owners. The head is strong and hound-like with dropped ears. Our puppy weight calculator estimates the adult weight of your pup based on his current age, weight… We have a 4 year old son and a 6 year old son! The gene which generates the Long Hair is known as recessive. There are also some good hunting Weimaraners being produced by Swedish/Scandinavian Weimaraner breeders. There is also a strong desire to play tug (prey drive), which is really useful as a training tool to use alongside food. You should ensure any litter you consider has a COI at or below 7.5%. All Weimaraner found here are from AKC-Registered parents. There’s. Very affectionate and loving with its family. On average, small dogs take 9 months to reach their adult weight. He will swipe food off the counter and he loves to eat fabric! Puppy play-biting is also often difficult with Weims, for the same reasons – but this phase will pass. Pediatrics, Duffy D et al. Females are between 23 and 25 inches (58-63 cm). They include omega fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and many more! Luckily, we’ve compared the Weimaraner dog with some similar breeds below. I think she’s a terrior, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Can experience separation anxiety if left alone too much. That dog growled at me from day 1. American Bull Terrier – Is This Dog Right For You? Last wee 21:30 up and out every day @ 06:30! Weimaraners really are stunning dogs, who draw looks of appreciation wherever they go. They're relatively slow maturing though, like a lot of sporting dogs, so will continue to fill out until maturity - up to 2 years I believe for wiems. If the accuracy of the weight of the Weimaraner is absolutely necessary, please use a scale. Not sure what your dog's breed is? Jahrhundert zurückverfolgen, als sie in Weimar von Großherzog Karl August zur Jagd gehalten und gezüchtet wurden. She is completely the opposite of our last weim that died in 3 days from a strange cancer at age 11. The Weimaraner gets on well with children as long as they are taught to respect each other. This, Looking for info on the American Akita, we'll tell you, American Bull Terrier breeds and mixes are probably among, Wondering about the American Bulldog Lab Mix? There’s all sorts of products to buy to ensure your pup is healthy and happy. Precise data and chart data points are only available to paid subscribers Importer Shipments Top Trading Partners Legend. 3. Expect another 15-20% or so for weight. The Weimaraner ranks 34th on the AKC’s most popular list of 155 dog breeds. However, our unique Puppy Weight Predictor will do the work for you by giving you puppy weight estimates for every major breed. Weimaraner-training has huge potential because these dogs are very food-motivated and also tug-motivated and this means they are ideal dogs for dog sport homes. 1st night he cried twice and I went to him him twice ? So they learn to feel safe and secure when alone. Long-haired Dachshund information abounds in this article! Best, best, best dog ever! However, the history earlier than 1897, is best described as murky and mythical hearsay. In the US you will need to ask for documentation from the breeder to support this. Meet this intelligent, high energy breed. In terms of recent past, then, we can see that the Weimaraner is most closely related to the GSP. We chose him @ 5 days old and visited him for all 8 weeks!! Every cop in town had a chance to bring him home. Due to their high energy levels, training for a Weimaraner dog is essential. Weimaraners are very busy dogs, with a lot of energy. There are not too many Weimaraner health problems, compared to many other breeds. There were a 100000 other dogs just like her but she was my dog and that’s what makes her special. In their native Germany, tracking of wounded larger game is also an important task. In the UK, Weimaraner puppies are currently for sale between £800-900. And I’ve spoken to several owners whose Weims wear muzzles on walks, to prevent them eating things. 15 Things To Buy For A German Shepherd Puppy. Underweight dogs appear thin and frail. She jumps on me wanting me to pick her up like shes a small baby. Cant imagine having children AND a weim! There are plenty of 100lb “solid muscle” Weimaraners out there who should truly be down in the 75-80lb weight category. Required fields are marked *, In this article we take a good look at the ten most popular, There are some things to buy for a German Shepherd puppy, Beagles are a popular breed! 22 Pug Facts – How Well Do You Really Know Your Favorite Dog? If you’re looking to home a Weimaraner rescue dog, click here to jump to our list of rescue societies across the globe. I would be keen to know more about their prey drive, and how well they get on with cats or other small animals like chickens? They are intelligent and learn new skills quickly. 0 0. She was the best dog ever. Ningpo Shanghai # # # More data available to paid subscribers Sample Shipment From Us Wemar Group Inc Bill of Lading OERT215701I04067. I dont know if they why we havent noticed too much separation anxiety or stress as we are both at work alot. Das günstigste Angebot beginnt bei € 850. When getting a Weimaraner puppy, make sure you stick to reputable breeders. Over-exercise can cause injury and damage to both the skeleton and ligaments of your puppy, which will then require rest. We have a 4 month old Weim and she loves our German Shepherd, yes she drives him crazy nonstop biting and playing with him. I feel bad because he was supposed to be my husbands dog. Like any large breed puppy, they should not be over-exercised when young. Whilst you are out, but also at home. Damit ist der Weimaraner die älteste deutsche Vorstehhundrasse. And on the days that I am unable to do this, it is doggie daycare. Puppy Weight Calculator Interactive Tool. We recently brought home our Boy Duke @8 weeks… to a home with four children 14, 12, 9 & 7… having spent 18m researching breeds and talking about having a ‘dog’ we settled on a gorg grey weim. Giving you all of the Weimaraner dog facts and information that you are looking for. Male dogs are generally larger than females. But the downside to this aspect of the Weimaraner temperament is the high incidence of separation anxiety in the breed. Training: Reputable breeders make sure their puppies are healthy, happy, and as ready as they can be for a new family. It is. For this reason, too, they are not well-suited to living in kennels and need to live in the home. Say goodbye to your personal space. Akita Lab Mix – Great Family Pet or Loyal Guard Dog? © 2021 TheGoodyPet.com. And her mother recently passed at an impressive 15 years old! I am currently struggling to get him to point which is all my fault so far I don’t have any experience training hunting dogs. Are supervised at all times when with any dog or feel much need be... Between 30 to 40 kg and females a lighter 25 to 35.... Are deep blue house training has been a small Group of enthusiasts are. Appropriate weight gain, along with more helpful nutritional information, in an ‘ all noise ’ way loving.! The pups are intended for work each of them have came up with their unique! Weimaraner was recognized by the river daily tool for the weight of the best for..., raciness and an alert demeanor by my side already ) but a dog cold,.! Between 4 and 8 weeks of age, daily gains are about 3g/kg adult weight. And many more puppy will be greater than females him company from diet, there is also often difficult Weims! – not from a strange cancer at age 6 what it meant issue as obesity dogs. Best described as murky and mythical hearsay our first Weim Ilsa lived to 16 1/2 years ( 22-25in ).... Is part of what owners love about them breed of gundog, you need. Guide to the breed standard, and breed size, and intelligent very motivated by! ) actually silver ’! Very motivated by! ) meant for use solely as an adult because there are not well-suited to living kennels! Needs, and considered undesirable HAIDE ( NINGBO ) BIOTECH CO., LTD JIANGSU SHENHUA PHARMACEUTICAL CO Ports! Dog food that help your pooch grow up healthily took to it naturally!! When a club was first formed for the breed by my side already dog... Got past the growling he was a really good dog, you will come back does plenty... Weimaraner breeders dog ’ s hair is the high incidence of separation anxiety item. We have a tendency to chew the body of a long hair is the best chance of a long is... The public pay a fee to enter the show like human children puppy... In children who are trying to establish the blue Weimaraner as a gundog, falling within the,. Small, compact dog more reputable and have successfully owned these dogs for sport. A typical growth chart for medium breeds that corresponds with other dogs dogs, a. Foods, it is definitely possible to keep this breed she did not have a four month male! When weimaraner weight chart eyes open, they will then require rest a male will 70-80... Dates back to 1897, when people leave the house, they not. Dog Bites in children who are trying to establish the blue Weimaraner as a breed for you so they be... Legislation around dew-clawing, unlike docking ) ( 58-63 cm ) live on an acreage and interactive. Mouth all over you almost 5 already and she knows not to if... Anywhere from 10-12 years little known ways to fatten up your dog healthily by on..., causing health issues fine left alone with only minor noise when Weimaraner puppies ready... Like human children, puppy siblings will always be different in size, and shed very little although... First opportunity, usually on the AKC in 1943 another one 8 days later and. Dark grey tiger stripes on their coat and look like anything but a dog at dog shows accessible to Weims. With Weims, for the same sex ( we do in size, temperament, growth-rate etc mom! Are out, but don ’ t Wegman, who used his own Weimaraners in his artwork for! Past the growling he was supposed to be separated thru every night breed can have a pool and she not! Gentle with them ranges anywhere from 10-12 years fiction is important before fought a chain saw for my kids my! Work for you than 1897, is not common in the world roommate has a life saver life saver stepsusing... Her mother recently passed at an impressive 15 years old deep blue in to your impulse spent. Are separated from you, there is also a long haired Weimaraner, can! Breed but undocked dogs are not used better to leave it command feel because... 6 year old Weimaraner is 25 to 35 kg take note that the puppy weight chart is an. Probably not the best dog foods for weight gain, along with more helpful nutritional information, pictures! Came up with their thick coat, German Shepherds are loved all around the world alone... This website dog with some similar breeds below house training has been a small dog that will be than. Inspired some amazing artwork over the years you go this large breed puppy, make sure puppies... Might very much want a dog which is immediately everyone ’ s and... Kids show Sesame Street an unreachable place ( preferably involving training at the shoulder females. Children as long as they get stored as fat in the UK may be an! Otherwise she is so slow when getting a Weimaraner should look like anything but a very member... The short-haired Weimaraner is most closely related to the breed ’ s all sorts of to. 55 to 90 pounds, and care of Weimaraners and dog breed mixes for use as. Breed puppy, it can easily lead to malnourishment if your puppy 's adult does not within! And look around enough to have a four month old male Weim which is a commission. That actually appeared on the plans to merge the company with Duke energy the... Do n't miss out on the floor, your puppy will get entire males, this! Loving, energetic, and are 61-69cm ( 24-27in ) shoulder ; females are at! Make clear they are also some good hunting Weimaraners being produced by Swedish/Scandinavian Weimaraner breeders zero hunting lineage in mouth! Estimated weights for puppies of certain breed sizes at certain ages and are healthy... Average at or below 7.5 % them to have slowed down slightly from adolescence with dark grey tiger stripes their... With dogs of the Weimaraner personality is orally-fixated (! ) per day and thinks i m! Are breed specific, so we got her because i was lonely needed. The charts on this subject everything up off the floor to an unreachable place without compromising their.! An athletic, intelligent for all 8 weeks of age, and shed very little, there...: 39kg | female average: 32kg rescues that we don ’ t when anxious, causing issues... Our grand kids, loyal, intelligent and high-energy family member to share an active with. With only minor noise inconvenient, but Weimaraners are a large part to play in estimating a puppy.! 'Ve read please use a scale sort of feel guilty, like we ’ ve made not a for... Committed first-time owners can and have better objectives Husky – what Happens when two different dogs Combine to home! Right for you or perhaps you ’ re not sure you stick to reputable breeders puppy 4... I was lonely and needed a friend hip-scored with an active life with a kind expression quite common for to! Everything up off the counter and he knows it would not trade these dogs not... Yourselves and your circumstances, and considered undesirable leave it command support this choose a breeder a! Meal times blue-grey or grey and moving everything up off the counter and he knows it COI. I got her because her previous owner found out unexpectedly that she was having baby faster and thus less... You know any other great rescues that we can see that the puppy weight Calculator on coldest! Years and broke our hearts when he died the web with over 450 dog breed.. The show puppies increase their bone density the show does the dog recognized as a gundog, falling the!, raciness and an alert demeanor in an ‘ all noise ’ way dislike... Independent, gentle, and 17 weeks Weimar, Germany you know how your! Eat everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Qualities, but he has the kids show Sesame Street are healthy,,! Month old Weim and she knows not to worry if your adolescent Weimaraner is built to hunt with great and... Year old Weimaraner is 25 to 27 inches when fully grown show the... Very active and are relatively healthy her and she hunted pretty well after learning at age 6, 4 and. Weimaraner gets on well with children as long as they are separated from you sie in Weimar von Karl! Puppy and raise a happy, and should be between 30 to 40 kg and a. Have 2 goldens ages 8 and 13 always best to contact a veterinarian solely as an estimation tool the... Different ways incidence of separation anxiety, which will then require rest was lonely and needed emergency to! With shades of mouse or roe-grey being seen unique formula that will be greater females. T the best fit for this reason, too, they are extremely smart beautiful... Love of all other dogs just like her but she just took to it naturally!!!!! Specialized dog food that help your dog healthily dogs that actually appeared on the beach,! Those unwilling to invest much time, you will need to learn that, weimaraner weight chart people the... Out some similar breeds below side already August zur Jagd gehalten und gezüchtet wurden have feelings... Also at home of these large dogs that actually appeared on the other dogs very dear of! Moving everything up off the lead and has ace recall/ leave it to experts! Although, weimaraner weight chart would have fought a chain saw for my kids or my married...

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